Financial Investment

 HTIG operates in real estate development╖▓▓, sales of construction materials╖▓▓, property management╖▓▓, landscape planting╖▓▓, etc. HTIG develops real estate projects in Zhengzhou╖▓▓, Luoyang╖▓▓, Shangqiu╖▓▓, Zhoukou╖▓▓, Nanyang╖▓▓, Xinyang and other cities.“Zhengzhou Expressway-Aolan Garden” and “Ideal-TianJiaoHuaTing”were awarded such title as “The Most Anticipated Real Estate Project in 2009” in 2009 the 6th China Real Estate Home Network Popularity List╖▓▓, “2009 CIHAF China’s Famous Real Estate Project” by China International Housing& Architectural Technology Fair (CIHAF)╖▓▓, “Henan Structure Zhongzhou Cup”╖▓▓, “Golden Medal of China’s Residential Architectural Planning”╖▓▓, “Top Ten Best-selling Real Estate Project in Zhengzhou” etc.

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