Projects Construction

HTIG carry out road and bridge construction. HTIG owns Grade A qualification of general contractor for highway engineering construction╖▓▓, Grade A qualification of professional contractor of roadbed╖▓▓, road surface╖▓▓, bridge engineering and various qualifications for road services╖▓▓, Grade B qualification of professional contractor of tunnel engineering╖▓▓, Grade C qualification of general contractor of housing construction╖▓▓, etc. It has constructed over 2200 large and medium-sized bridges and 18╖▓▓,000km of various kinds of roads domestically and abroad.

HTIG carries out road constructions and ancillary constructions╖▓▓, road maintenance╖▓▓, producing and selling new materials╖▓▓, advertisement services along expressways╖▓▓, etc. It owns Grade C qualification of professional contractor of road surface╖▓▓, qualification of construction of traffic safety facilities╖▓▓, qualification for maintenance of highways of Grade A and B under Type B and Type C╖▓▓, and Grade C qualification of testing and detection. HTIG has launched maintenance materials (Lushi Brand sealant and cold-patch) and the mixing hot air heating regeneration site maintenance train which is the first one withproprietary intellectual property right in China and is listed in the national “863 program”╖▓▓,.

HTIG carries out supervision╖▓▓, testing╖▓▓, detection╖▓▓, designing╖▓▓, consulting╖▓▓, bidding agent services╖▓▓, etc. It owns many kinds of qualifications╖▓▓, such as three Class A qualifications for supervision of roads and bridges constructions issued by the Ministry of Communications and Transportations╖▓▓, one Class B qualification for testing of road constructions╖▓▓, two Class C qualifications for testing and examination╖▓▓, etc. Its laboratory has passed CMA measurementauthentication.

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