The HTIG and its subordinate units have completed construction of expressways with an accumulative total of 3878km╖▓▓, accounting for 66% of a total 5859km of expressways in Henan. Currently╖▓▓, HTIGruns 3107km of expressways╖▓▓, accounting for 53% of the provincial total mileage╖▓▓, such as Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway╖▓▓, Lianyungang-Khorgos Expressway╖▓▓, Shanghai-Xi’an Expressway╖▓▓, Daqing-Guangzhou Expressway╖▓▓, Erlianhote-Guangzhou Expressway etc. in Henan Province.HTIGhas made outstanding contribution to Henan expressway construction maintainingits leading position in expressway mileage nationwide for 8 consecutive years.

During projects construction╖▓▓, HTIGinsists on the people-oriented scientific development conceptand keepspursuing high qualitythrough the whole process of expressway construction which includes planning╖▓▓,engineering investigation╖▓▓, designing and constructing.We strive to build better projects by manifesting the harmony in designing╖▓▓, promoting the balance in construction╖▓▓, pursuing advancement in technology and science╖▓▓, placing people first in environmental protection and enhancing quality management.

During operation management╖▓▓, HTIG strengthens the management of standardization and elaboration in toll collection╖▓▓, road administration╖▓▓, maintenance╖▓▓, service area management╖▓▓, mechanical and electrical operation and maintenance and so on. We keep working on promoting information management and providing road services with reliability╖▓▓, convenience╖▓▓, high quality and efficiency so that to make “Henan Expressway” to be the first-class brand.

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