CV Keskus

is a successful, multi-faceted online enterprise, whose goal is to be the best recruitment service provider in the Baltics. The biggest jobseekers’ database and the greatest number of job vacancies are integrated at CV Keskus! We are dedicated to continuous liaison with our clients to find the most effective solutions for everyone. Our guiding principles are flexibility, innovation and the personal involvement of our consultants.


CV Keskus

the indispensable partner for companies needing to invest in personnel development with maximum efficiency. CV Keskus puts the cutting edge of information technology in the hands of its clients themselves, by enabling them to use the Internet and find the most effective solutions to personnel issues. When necessary, tasks can be set for our consultants to save valuable time. CV Keskus recruitment consultants can determine their clients’ needs find the right person to hire.


CV Keskus was founded in 2000 to form a web where jobseekers and employers meet. In 2003, CV Keskus began to expand throughout Eastern Europe. We are now part of the international CV Market Group with representations in Latvia, Lithuanian, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary, Holland and Poland. CV Market is our trademark on the European market.


To be the most effective and convenient personnel recruitment environment on the Internet, offering the best solutions to both employers and jobseekers.

As the leading international enterprise offering personnel recruitment services online, expanding throughout all Europe wisely.

efficiency, professionalism, flexibility, speed, convenience, innovation.

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Paavo Heil,
Business Development Manager